"ON|RUST" ("UN|REST" in Dutch) is a photo series developed by JW Fotografen in the frame of the project "Is it creative? Yes. Is it art?" 

Here is the first image of the series.


Organic Liberation

"Organic Liberation" is one of the groups originated in the project "Is it creative? Yes. Is it art?" We have four sessions behind the back and there are a few more to go. 

Here you can see the creations produced in all the four sessions.

Session 1

Session 2


Session 3

Session 4


KIJK! - Drawings from 15 April

And more drawings. Thanks everyone for coming! And Peter Stanssens for helping with the organisation and the two cakes :) 

More info: https://wiazemsky.eu/kijk/


KIJK! - Drawings from 1 April

I organized this session, and I had then a very particular feeling... I didn't do it for two weeks but I didn't have to feel guilty for not organizing the event, it was there with Peter. I felt much calmer and rested and excited. And there were quite a few people who came and I had a feeling that it starts to become a community. 

More info about the project: https://wiazemsky.eu/kijk/



KIJK! - Drawings from 18 March

This was a big day for the project. The first time that it happened without me, with the help of Peter Stanssens to whom my warmest and biggest thanks. It is so great to work on such a project together with other people.

Every Saturday in psychiatric center Guislain: drawings, films, and pastry. Welcome :)

More info about the project: https://wiazemsky.eu/kijk/.


The sound research — session # 3

This time we were practicing with magazines. We wrote down about 20 tasks for the players and placed them in a specific order. Each player was supposed to follow the order of the tasks in his/her own tempo. 


The sound research — session # 2

In the second 'sound research' session, we began with listening to Olivier Messiaen and Goldberg variations on Bach. Bit per bit we started exploring what kind of sounds can one make with die KUNSTZEITUNG.

Later, we thought of a few 'tasks' we can 'answer to' using the newspaper sounds. For instance, 'slower', 'faster', 'happy', 'dramatic', 'tick a page for 10 times'. The tasks were written on paper cards and the conductor was showing us them to direct us. And here's what we got.


JW fotografen

More macro pictures, from the outside :)


Happy happy women day

I had a workshop today in Bloemekenswijk, Ghent, as a part of a festivity for the Women's day. It was an introduction to my project "Is it creative? Yes. Is it art?" 

I must say, it was really, really, really highly enjoyable. It was really interesting to talk about what is art, and what's the threshold, and about the art market. It was also wonderful that everyone found her own style. 

Thank you, ladies! There are still 5 places to inscribe for the workshop. It will happen in the buurt centrum Bloemekenswijk on Wednesday morning, starting next week for 10 times. I will post an update with the program very soon. Don't hesitate to write me if you have any questions!



Poging nummer zo veel

k voel het dat België, vooral Vlaanderen, mijn huis is. Doch mijn verblijfstitel geeft me enkel recht op verblijf van bepaalde duur. Ik vind het erg dat ik in de plaats waar ik me thuis voel enkel voor maar bepaalde duur mag blijven. Hieronder is er briefwisseling die ik onlangs met een Sociaal Bureau voor Kunstenaars gehad heb.



JW fotografen

For the project "Is it creative? Yes. Is it art?" I also started to work with a group JW fotografen

During the first session, we were working on silhouette photography. Here are some examples of what we have made.


Drawings from KIJK!

Actually, I should have done it much earlier. But it's better late than never. I tried to order all the drawings I've called up to this point and starting from the next session I will try to keep the archive a bit more organized, noting in which month which drawing was made.

Also, I will upload here those new works I have so far.




Hello world!

I decided to move my site to a new platform. Seemingly, there are more opportunities here and it just looks nicier.