Due to the examination period affecting the volunteers, the next session will take place on January, 28th.

'KIJK' is a community based art project on the platform of a psychiatric institution and a museum. It has been started in March, 2016, within the scope of the psychiatric institute.  In november 2017 it moved to the museum Dr. Guislain.

The main aim of the project proposed is to make a step towards building a bridge that will allow overcome the stigma by simply letting the people from two sides of 'mental normality border' meet each other.

As an artist I am primarily interested in participatory projects that aim to bring people together, to create a strong community, to let people discover their own creativity. This kind of projects is often difficult to distinguish from social projects. My artistic input is the main distinction in this case.

My functions as an artist are, firstly, facilitating the activity (the process) and, secondly, caring for the high artistic outcome (the result). Facilitating means that I explore ways of organising the activity so that people feel relaxed and comfortable (because this target group is difficult to force to work creatively, nor is it the idea to force anyone), that I work with "scenography" of the activity (where which element is placed and which consequences does it have), that I coordinate the spreading of the word about the activity (giving the necessary materials to the designer to make flyers, giving the necessary information to the team members so that they can create Facebook-events etc.).

Often, participatory events lack good qualitative documentation. The point of this project is to be baked up with a well-done publication that shows a representative collection of the drawings produced during the activity. Due to privacy policy it is not possible to use photographs of the psychiatric patients for the documentation of the project.


In December 2017 the project has won the Arts in Society Award and is supported by this award for the period of a year.

This means that the project has a budget of €1000 for the whole year which will be spent on drawing materials, baking ingredients and flyers production.


From the august 2016 on, I collaborate with Fru Pintér. Since then all the graphics for the communication around the projects is made by Fru.

The project is supported by:

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