Winterontbijt in Dampoort

Here are the pictures I took during so-called 'winter breakfast' in December, 2017. It is an event that local municipality organizes for everyone who lives in the neighbourhood or around. Everyone is welcome and it is absolutely free. The main idea of the event is to let people meet each other and different cultures presented in the neighbourhood. I personally loved that there were Polish people who offered some Polish food. It was super tasty and it made think of New Year salads in Moscow, like my mom used to make.

A trip to Holland

By the way, I am a friend of the Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art). Also, I am the photographer of the 'friends', which means that I photograph Friends' activities. This also gives me a kind of excuse to photograph the works of art that I find interesting or inspiring or at least peculiar.

Do you like taking selfies in the artworks as much as I do? 

KIJK — 10 december

An artistic project with a social dimension, a social project with artistic dimension... It's not something I can defend any day of the year. For me, an activity where I — personally — can experience something I don't experience every day, an activity where everyone can explore his/her own creativity, an activity which creates new connections and community is artistic enough. 

Next to it, I have my emotions and feelings, and I don't have words enough to tell how much I gain from it. 

KIJK — Drawings from 26 November 2017

I haven't written much on this blog and the number of things I should write grows exponentially. So I just start posting instead of waiting for when I have enough time to organise everything decently.

So "KIJK" ("LOOK") project still exists, more than that, it evolves. Now there's a team of four people who keep it running, it has changed location, now it takes place in "Het Badhuis", the cafeteria of Museum Dr. Guislain. It is really cozy there, the atmosphere is warm... and there are even people who keep coming back and bring new people. (Basically, two and something years ago when I started, that was my dream that it would be something like this. There was some disappointment on the way, I seriously wanted to stop at some point — now I can admit it — but the crisis is behind and, well, it seems that there is a community forming on.) 

The next goal is to kind of justify all the effort and the existence of the project and its team and its participants by publishing a book with drawings and testimonials.

Here are the drawings from the yesterday's session. 


V.A. Zhbankov (Promises demand patience)

Давным-давно, почти три года назад, я провела свою лучшую фотосессию на плёночную камеру 6x6". К сожалению, плёнку я вставить забыла, так что сделанные с невероятным тщанием фотографии никогда не увидели свет. А это — пробники для замера экспозиции, они позволяют немно-о-ожечко представить, как же гениальные снимки выглядели. Как молоды и безбашенны мы были. Как много же мы пили.

Long-long time ago, about three years ago, I have had the best photo session I have ever performed with a Hasselblad camera. Unfortunately, I forgot to load it. So the brilliant pictures were captured only with air and have never seen the light of day. Here are some tests made to measure the exposure so you can have a glimpse of how genius the pictures could have been. Ah, oh, we were so young and reckless. Ah, oh, we drank so hard. 

Source: zhbankov

KIJK! - Drawings from 1 April

I organized this session, and I had then a very particular feeling... I didn't do it for two weeks but I didn't have to feel guilty for not organizing the event, it was there with Peter. I felt much calmer and rested and excited. And there were quite a few people who came and I had a feeling that it starts to become a community. 

More info about the project:

The sound research — session # 2

In the second 'sound research' session, we began with listening to Olivier Messiaen and Goldberg variations on Bach. Bit per bit we started exploring what kind of sounds can one make with die KUNSTZEITUNG.

Later, we thought of a few 'tasks' we can 'answer to' using the newspaper sounds. For instance, 'slower', 'faster', 'happy', 'dramatic', 'tick a page for 10 times'. The tasks were written on paper cards and the conductor was showing us them to direct us. And here's what we got.