Migration is not only statics, it’s also lives, feelings, and fears of many people whose voices are to be heard in this project.

“I was born in a country where I don’t want to live. The country where I do want to live doesn’t want me.”

“The organizations/people who judge you ‘if you are a refugee or not’ are doing a bad job, there’s a lot of disbelief and disinformation. It was really hard for us to prove we were running from the war and our people were being slaughtered.”

“I am too scared and lazy to start the process of immigration even though I’ve been striving to do so for almost all my life.”

"I’ve never regret this decision.”

“I don’t want to live in a third world country, with no future.”

Installation and performance
Duration of the performance:
45-60 minutes

Description of the installation: 
A pan scale (about 150 cm high) and small glass containers are standing on two small tables. One side of the pan scale is titled as “pros”, the other one is titled “cons”. Each of the glass containers has a title attached to it ("age", "unwillingness to live in a ghetto", "work or business opportunities", "family members who cannot do this" to give you a few examples) and some objects or substance are placed inside. The performer stands next to the pan scale and the objects, facing the public which is standing across them, at a short distance from the installation. 

Preparatory work:
The performer in collaboration with a sociologist (Vladimir Ponizovsky) conducted a sociologic research to ask people to mention what could be their motivation to move to a foreign country or to stay in their home country. Then they were asked to order the reasons for staying or leaving home, according to the level of importance they attach to each reason. On basis of the research specific values of weight were attached to the reasons to move to a foreign country or against it. Further, the reasons were represented with objects.

Description of the performance: 
During the performance, the installation is activated through the autobiographical story of the performer as an immigrant.
The performer asks the public to search for reasons "for" or "against" the decision to move to a foreign country. The members of audience inspect the objects. Further, the objects are given to the performer, the performer tells a short story about each of them and places them on one or another side of the scale. On each side of the scale, objects are standing, and the side which is heavier, reveals the inevitable conclusion of the performance regarding the question – should one leave their home country, or stay? 

Publication with the survey results is available here

Take part in the research here.


And here are all the objects: