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Poster by Fru Pinter.

Poster by Fru Pinter.

In this project, we create a setting for everyone to relax and feel comfortable. Both psychiatric patients and people from the outside are invited.

You can bite a free dessert, you can watch a film, you can draw.

Come. Make a step forward. Make a step towards other. 

It is a time of labels.

Titiles, poperties, classes, characters...people like those things to define ourselves, to bring us self approval. Than's not a entire bad thing, but sometimes labels bring prejudice, like colored races, LGBTQ all went trough, and so does psychopath.

Thanks to this 'Kijk' event, people come without being labeled, do whatever feeling comfortable. You don't know whom is 'mentally' unhealthy and whom is 'so-called' normal. Personally I think it brings two benifits. First is to get people know more knowledge about mental health and those who suffered from the mental diseases. And second, is to care about our own mental status. Since we are acknowledged avoiding won't solve anything, why not just put everything on table.

We all are born naked and innocent, we all decided to live this life. Some of us are unfortunate. But the worse thing is they would be hurt again by others lack of proper knowledge and ingnorence, and this hurt could be even harder. So before we make any subjective perception, think and remember: may everybody has been treated tenderly, consciously or unconsciously.

Kang Sun


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