[tekenen] vlooien teken luizen

A couple of weeks ago I shared the news of UGent raising the price by 88% for the international students without any notification beforehand which put me in a rather precarious position.

Some people decided to support me — thank you so much! I received €130 in total. I don’t accept charity though; if you invest in me you receive something back, also materialised in object. So one of the sponsors has received this little study. Also, I am open for commissions. 

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[Kijk] Tekeningen van 7 oktober

Een observatie van de dag: je bekijkt een tekening als een buitenstander, je weet het niet wat er juist mee bedoelt is en toch je wordt gevangen door de beweging van potlood op papier. Het komt misschien doordat de tekenaar een bepaalde score/logica hanteert in zijn/haar potloodbewegingen en al zie je het niet, al weet je het niet, wordt je toch gevangen.

KIJK — Drawings from 26 November 2017

I haven't written much on this blog and the number of things I should write grows exponentially. So I just start posting instead of waiting for when I have enough time to organise everything decently.

So "KIJK" ("LOOK") project still exists, more than that, it evolves. Now there's a team of four people who keep it running, it has changed location, now it takes place in "Het Badhuis", the cafeteria of Museum Dr. Guislain. It is really cozy there, the atmosphere is warm... and there are even people who keep coming back and bring new people. (Basically, two and something years ago when I started, that was my dream that it would be something like this. There was some disappointment on the way, I seriously wanted to stop at some point — now I can admit it — but the crisis is behind and, well, it seems that there is a community forming on.) 

The next goal is to kind of justify all the effort and the existence of the project and its team and its participants by publishing a book with drawings and testimonials.

Here are the drawings from the yesterday's session. 


KIJK! - Drawings from 1 April

I organized this session, and I had then a very particular feeling... I didn't do it for two weeks but I didn't have to feel guilty for not organizing the event, it was there with Peter. I felt much calmer and rested and excited. And there were quite a few people who came and I had a feeling that it starts to become a community. 

More info about the project: https://wiazemsky.eu/kijk/

KIJK! - Drawings from 18 March

This was a big day for the project. The first time that it happened without me, with the help of Peter Stanssens to whom my warmest and biggest thanks. It is so great to work on such a project together with other people.

Every Saturday in psychiatric center Guislain: drawings, films, and pastry. Welcome :)

More info about the project: https://wiazemsky.eu/kijk/.