The sound research — session # 2

In the second 'sound research' session, we began with listening to Olivier Messiaen and Goldberg variations on Bach. Bit per bit we started exploring what kind of sounds can one make with die KUNSTZEITUNG.

Later, we thought of a few 'tasks' we can 'answer to' using the newspaper sounds. For instance, 'slower', 'faster', 'happy', 'dramatic', 'tick a page for 10 times'. The tasks were written on paper cards and the conductor was showing us them to direct us. And here's what we got.

Happy happy women day

I had a workshop today in Bloemekenswijk, Ghent, as a part of a festivity for the Women's day. It was an introduction to my project "Is it creative? Yes. Is it art?" 

I must say, it was really, really, really highly enjoyable. It was really interesting to talk about what is art, and what's the threshold, and about the art market. It was also wonderful that everyone found her own style. 

Thank you, ladies! There are still 5 places to inscribe for the workshop. It will happen in the buurt centrum Bloemekenswijk on Wednesday morning, starting next week for 10 times. I will post an update with the program very soon. Don't hesitate to write me if you have any questions!